Principles Message

Dear Parents, Friends and new friends of Phyllis Jowell


We are thrilled to be launching our new website. A website is not just a portal of information but rather we are hoping it will give our parents and visitors a real feel of our school and will depict the warm and nurturing atmosphere that our school creates.

We thank Chaim Klagsbrun for the enormous effort he has put in to create this wonderful new look and we are grateful to all of our contributors for making it such a vibrant and dynamic website. We would love to have your comments and compliments.

We have just begun the month of Elul, the month of introspection, the month of new habits, the month of preparation for Rosh Hashanah here we really hope to build and create a whole new spiritual platform off which to springboard the year and through this renewed website we too hope to re-energise and revitalise our very special school. Spiritual platforms are born of commitment, community, collaboration and a deep faith that hashem guides us and gives us everything that we need.

Please god we should all be successful in our work and our practice in this month of Elul and this virtual platform should energize us and excite us about all of the wonderful things going on in our school.

Have a wonderful month and God bless.

Warmest regards